Cocktail Black Dress Silkstone Barbie Doll ginger hair. Platinum Label

Kindly gifted by MATTEL USA for all RFDC 2016 attendees at the Gala Dinner, personalized by RFDC 2016

with certificate of authenticity and sticker


"B White" Barbie Doll

Inspired by this year's Convention theme, "FASHIONABLE", this elegant, precious doll was created

exclusively for the second edition of the Roma Fashion Doll Convention (RFDC 2016) and transports us into

the wonderful world of fashion in fancy, contemporary style.

This Barbie™ Doll was conceived by the OOAK Dolls Designers Artist Creations team

-- Alessandro Gatti & Giuseppe De Bellis -- in collaboration with Pierlorenzo Bassetti Fabrics (Via De Gesù

60 Rome Italy) and Marco Gambedotti, the designer who provided the fabric for the dress.

Italian collectors Rossella Lobbi and Raffaele Perrone also made key contributions to this collaborative affort.

The "B White" Barbie™ Doll was produced in a worldwide limited edition of 170 pieces and will be

distribuited exclusively as a gift to all RFDC 2016 Gala Dinner attendees.

The "B White" Barbie™ Doll is approved by MATTEL USA and is an RFDC 2016 exclusive