"Roman Holiday Pink" GALA DINNER

The sparkling event at the RFDC 2015, a parade of shining stars where you'll be

welcomed in a wonderful pink place with a special guest, BARBIE ™, who will

ead you into the magical atmosphere of the most beautiful city in the world "ROME"

Surprises, gifts, presentations, exhibitions till the moment of the Souvenir Doll that

this year was to be a Gold Label Barbie™ Doll, from the Collectible Series, kindly

donated by MATTEL USA

In addition we had a "contest" for the most beautiful male and female ensemble and

for one of the most important thing :"your love"

In a nice atmosphere of smiles and good food, all together for fun and for the pleasure

of being together as a big family

The RFDC 2016 Gala Dinner made with the support and collaboration of PAPA

Confetti, 40th years in the history of the Italian pastry (dolceamaro.com)

and San Carlo Italia

Special thanks to Dolci Sogni Torte e Bomboniere for the Barbie Cake

Special thanks for table raffle to:

Veronica Piras

Daniel Perez (Crea En Rosa)

Alicia Ambrosini (Alicia Lady Mamau)

Diego Troiani (Pink Owl)

Raquel Pasqual (So Pretty's Bags )

Claudia Lopez (Chicle De Fresa)

Joana Costa (Squish Tish)

Folk Artesania