Saturday and Sunday you voted for your favorite photo made exclusively for the

official RFDC 2016, Photocontes: "It's a matter of … details".

Photo addicted and real professional photographers have made something special to

create pictures of a fashion detail.

The vote by the public and the Quality Jury took place during the two days

Convention in the Sales Room area at floor minus 1 of the Hotel with these results:

Public choice Award to Felix Kim (Russia)

Premio Giuria di qualità a Nilsa Moscovo Doneland (USA)

The RFDC 2016 Photocontest had as sponsors:

Lisciani Giochi Italy, that donated amazing new generation Barbie™ I Teck device

Atelier Kathy from Holland that donated one sophisticate Barbie Doll from Collectible Series

MMPR Fratelli Rossi by Pierfrancesco & Massimiliano Rossi from 1926 photo lab in Rome,

also Quality Jury members and authors of the beautiful

photographic prints made in their shop at Via Cesare Rasponi 11 00162 Rome (Italy)