The creative duo of OOAK Fashion Dolls Designers, Artist Creations byAlessandro Gatti & Giuseppe De Bellis,

made, exclusively for RFDC 2015, these elegant centerpiece dolls, that adorned the center of the tables at the

Gala Dinner on Saturday evening.

An elegant black evening dress, in micro sequined brocade for a "nude" effect and a stole / coat in pink silk

held at the waist with a satin belt, are the elements that characterize this limited edition doll, in blonde and

brunette version.

In these creations, the guys from Artist Creations wanted to infuse all their love and their passion for their

work of dolls designers, work that they have been carrying out for over 20 years and which they first brought to

Italy in 1996.

A long career, full of success and satisfaction, that brought them in the presence of great music and movie stars,

such as Madonna, Julia Roberts, Sharon Stone and Sophia Loren, all of them honored with look-alike portrait dolls,

and that culminated in the collaboration with MATTEL USA , that produced the "Midnight Celebration" Barbie ™ Doll,

created exclusively for the 2014 National Barbie Collectors Convention in Nashville (USA)





Andrea Guidi, professional wood artist, has joined in the making of these WONDERFUL centerpieces: "Pink Carpet",

the best pink carpet where each doll felt like a movie star for a night

With his skilled hands, Andrea cut, carved and assembled each piece, all strictly by hand in the traditional way

of instilling passion and love for his work on this object that, we are sure will be treasured by everyone who won

it at the final table raffle at the Gala Dinner.

The RFDC 2015 has been honored and proud to have worked with this talented artist, who with his partner Viviana

form the duo VIVI & ANDRE, a pair serving the world of dolls, equally divided between her profession as doll dealer

and his as creator of dolls furniture.

Both represent a new, young talent in the national doll world.